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  • Picture of Brian Jackson

    I cancelled my Edgar account the moment I found SmarterQueue and have been using it ever since. Anything that makes my life easier gets a big thumbs up in my book.

    Brian Jackson
    Inbound Marketer, KeyCDN
  • Picture of Mark Hazeldine

    Full marks for making something better than Edgar, and less costly! I'm very happy about that!

    Mark Hazeldine
    Photographer & Instagram Influencer
  • Picture of Jeanette

    I am your biggest fan. You blow Edgar and Coschedule out of the water. So excited to have found you! You are making my social media life 1000% happier!

    Creative Blogger, ArtKidsBots
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SmarterQueue is the more powerful alternative to Meet Edgar - Power-up your Categories

Power-up your Categories

SmarterQueue takes the concept of Categories to the next level:

  • Compare Category performance with detailed analytics
  • Categories can contain one-off posts and evergreen content
  • See the content ratio between your Categories
  • See how frequently each post will be recycled
  • Keep seasonal Categories paused when you don’t need them

SmarterQueue is the more affordable alternative to Meet Edgar - Smarter recycling

Smarter Recycling

While Edgar forces you to recycle all posts in a Category, SmarterQueue lets you turn recycling on or off for individual posts, which lets you use the categorised schedule for one-time posts too. You can create text and media variations, to keep your Evergreen content looking fresh, and run A/B tests with ease. Even better, you can choose how many times a post should be recycled, as well as set an expiry date.
And instead of your posts going out randomly, SmarterQueue publishes your posts in the order you choose, giving you full control.

SmarterQueue is the more powerful alternative to Meet Edgar - Discover great content

Discover Great Content

Easily find relevant, inspiring content and images through our content discovery tools. Curate in no time by bulk-importing content from Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, blogs, and royalty-free image libraries. Then simply choose your favourite content, or sort by likes and shares to find the most engaging posts.

SmarterQueue supports more platforms than Meet Edgar - schedule your Instagram posts

Schedule your Instagram & Pinterest posts

Plan your Instagram & Pinterest posts from the same tool as your other platforms. Find and re-share Pinterest pins from your boards. Auto-publish supported Instagram posts, or get the Instagram media and caption sent straight to your phone at your scheduled time, ready to post in one click.

SmarterQueue is the more powerful alternative to Meet Edgar - tailored, taggable posts for each social network

Tailored, Taggable Posts for Each Social Profile

Customise your posts for each social profile. Never share another Facebook post with irrelevant Twitter @mentions, #hashtags, or character limits, and see your engagement improve.
Easily find and mention Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram profiles; and lookup the best Instagram hashtags.

SmarterQueue is the more powerful alternative to Meet Edgar - easily add images, GIFs and videos to your social media posts

A Media Powerhouse

Add videos, images, and GIFs to your posts.
Search for great media from Giphy, Unsplash, and Pixabay.
Browse your media library to re-use your best content.

SmarterQueue is the more powerful alternative to Meet Edgar - advanced analytics and insights

In-Depth Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions

SmarterQueue reports are easy to understand, and full of actionable insights.
Compare performance between Categories and post types, see the most effective times to post, and benchmark your performance against competitors.

Customer Happiness Guaranteed

Our success depends on your satisfaction; that's why we provide our customers with timely help and free educational material. We will help you make the most of SmarterQueue's features, increase your brand's engagement, and eliminate the hassle of social media management.

Real human help is available when you need it; request new features, suggest improvements, or simply say hello.

SmarterQueue was built by social users, for social users. We'll always listen to you!

SmarterQueue is the more powerful alternative to Meet Edgar - switch from Edgar in 10 minutes

Migrate your Edgar schedule and posts in 10 minutes!

When you sign up, we'll analyze your social profiles and re-create your Posting Plan for you. All you have to do is choose your Categories, and you're done!
You can even bulk-import your published evergreen posts, so you won't have to spend any time filling your library again!

Edgar Users LOVE SmarterQueue

  • Picture of Marisha

    I've used MeetEdgar and CoSchedule, but I'm sticking with SmarterQueue! I love that I can easily schedule one message for different social media platforms. The different options to add content are perfect. I am loving this app!

    Speech-Language Pathologist, SLP Now
  • Picture of Roben-Marie Smith

    I wish I had found SmarterQueue sooner! I was struggling with Edgar and after quickly setting up SmarterQueue I was sold. SmarterQueue is easy to use, features a visually appealing interface and support is quick and friendly. I was able to fill my Queue super fast and editing is a breeze.

    Roben-Marie Smith
  • Picture of Kelly Diels

    My team and I have tried Edgar, Buffer, Hootsuite, and Coschedule, and we like SmarterQueue better than all of them.
    Every one of my clients who has tried SmarterQueue raves about it.
    Superb customer experience too!

    Kelly Diels
  • Picture of Maren Malmo

    I'd tried MeetEdgar, Hootsuite, and Post Planner; all of them fall short. I honestly had a ton of stress lifted off my shoulders when I found SmarterQueue.

    Maren Malmo
  • Picture of Kate Anthony

    I love SmarterQueue, and refer all my clients to you as well as a ton of colleagues who are SO grateful you've created an affordable alternative to Edgar… You guys are AWESOME.

    Kate Anthony
    Business Strategist for Online Entrepreneurs
  • Picture of Zach Hoag

    SmarterQueue is an INCREDIBLE tool for sharing your content. The best I've ever used. By comparison, Edgar (which does less) is much more expensive at $49/mo.

    Zach Hoag

SmarterQueue helps you manage your top social networks

  • LinkedIn
    Profiles, Pages

  • Facebook
    Pages, Groups

  • X (Twitter)

  • Instagram

  • Google
    Business Profiles

  • Pinterest

  • TikTok

Comparison of Main Features

SmarterQueue MeetEdgar
Schedule posts on multiple social networks in advance
Automatically save posts to a content library for future reuse
Add posts from RSS, CSV, or browser bookmarklet
Sort your updates into Categories
Text Variations
Media Variations, and multi-image Facebook/Twitter posts
Automatically start/stop seasonal Categories
Content curation - find and share the best content from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs
Find royalty-free images to add to your posts, from Giphy, Unsplash, and Pixabay
Schedule posts to Instagram
Schedule posts to Pinterest
Customise your post text for each social network
Automatically add images from the link you're sharing
Mix one-time posts with evergreen posts in the same Categories
Automatically expire evergreen content after a number of repetitions
Pause individual Categories or profiles
Easily add emojis
In-depth analytics including your social history and competitor analysis
Monthly plans available from $29 .99 $49

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