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The SmarterQueue social media calendar and scheduler in action on multiple devices

SmarterQueue helps you manage your top social networks

  • LinkedIn
    Profiles, Pages

  • Facebook
    Pages, Groups

  • Instagram

  • Google
    Business Profiles

  • Pinterest

Content Categories - Evergreen Recycling
Content Curation
Social Inbox
Social Analytics
Smarterqueue: Content Curation, Evergreen Recycling, Analytics, Social Inbox
SmarterQueue has an excellent 4.8/5 star rating on Capterra

4.8 out of 5 stars

SmarterQueue has an excellent 4.7/5 star rating on Trustpilot

4.7 out of 5 stars

SmarterQueue has an excellent 4.6/5 star rating on G2 Crowd

4.6 out of 5 stars

SmarterQueue helps you manage your top social networks

  • LinkedIn
    Profiles, Pages

  • Facebook
    Pages, Groups

  • Instagram

  • Google
    Business Profiles

  • Pinterest

Smarter than Hootsuite. With pricing you'll love.

Switch to SmarterQueue and save over $770 every year. You'll feel right at home using SmarterQueue with all your favourite Hoostuite features on tap, just smarter.

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Comparison of Main Features

SmarterQueue Hootsuite
Schedule posts on multiple social networks in advance, including direct-publishing to Instagram
On-site content curation - find and share content from social feeds and image libraries
Add posts from RSS, CSV spreadsheets
Automatically recycle your evergreen content, so you never run out of posts, and get up to 10x more reach
Post a balanced mix of content with a Category-based Posting Plan
True cross-posting with the option to customize your post text for each social network
Advanced scheduling options, with queued, pinned, recurring, and recycling posts
Powerful content importer, with auto-import from RSS, browser/mobile bookmarklet, and Chrome extension
Publish the first comment with your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts
Automatically save posts to a content library for future re-use
Accurate post previews for all networks, including Twitter cards
In-depth analytics and reports including Category-based analytics, best times to post, competitor benchmarking, and reports from your social history
Monthly plans available from $16 .99 $49

6 Reasons Why SmarterQueue Is The Best Hootsuite Alternative

SmarterQueue is the more flexible Hootsuite alternative for social media scheduling

Streamline Your Scheduling with Smart Automation

Getting the perfect content balance is easy with SmarterQueue; unlike with Hootsuite, where you have to keep track of your social media schedule yourself and schedule each post manually. All your content is organised in Categories, and you have a weekly Posting Plan which lets you choose what kind of content you want to post, and when. SmarterQueue then automatically posts your content based on your chosen times, creating a balanced content plan, without all the planning. Of course, you can still schedule key posts manually; think of the Smart Queueing system as a spare pair of hands working alongside you to maintain your ideal content mix.

See your posts in your social media calendar and boost engagement with evergreen recycling

Boost Engagement With Content Recycling

Make sure every post gets seen, not wasted. SmarterQueue lets you automatically recycle your Evergreen posts, at the frequency you choose, until the date you select: giving you up to 10x more reach. We even offer Twitter-compliant post recycling. You can use our Variations feature to switch up the image and text each time a post gets recycled, which not only keeps your content fresh, but also lets you A/B test your posts. Plus, SmarterQueue retains a copy of every post forever. You can store seasonal posts, or resurrect old content with just one click.

Hootsuite shares the same post to every network, while SmarterQueue lets you customise the content for each profile

Discover True Cross-Posting And Optimize For Each Social Profile

Maximise engagement and save time; customise your posts so they look tailor-made for each social network. Easily alter @mentions, #hashtags, links, and character limits for each profile. Effortless image uploads and accurate link previews ensure every post looks first class. You can even preview how your posts will look, including Twitter Cards. You'll also be able to switch your Instagram post between Feed, Story or Reel; select your Pinterest Board and add your title, even add a First Comment to your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn post, all in one place. And don't worry, you don't have to pay extra for any of it.

Discover the Best-Performing Content

Discover the Best-Performing Content

Easily find recent, relevant, and inspiring new content that is proven to get engagement, using our content discovery tools, image search, and smart filters. Search as usual, then sort your results by likes, shares, or comments received to let SmarterQueue help you quickly discover the most engaging posts to share. Save time sharing from your most reliable sources with favourites and bulk-importing.

Discover what content drives traffic with powerful social media analytics

In-Depth Analytics For Data-Driven Decisions

SmarterQueue reports are easy to understand, and full of actionable insights.
Compare performance between Categories and post types, see the most effective times to post, and benchmark your performance against competitors.

Great Prices, Custom Plans, and Room to Grow

Great Prices, Custom Plans, and Room to Grow

Hootsuite's prices have kept rising for years, and now start at $49 USD, whereas SmarterQueue plans start from $24.99 USD, making SmarterQueue the most affordable alternative - without any compromises on features (in fact, you get way more). SmarterQueue's plans can also be customised to your exact needs, so you only pay for what you use, and you'll have room to grow as your business grows.

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Ex-Hootsuite Users Love SmarterQueue

  • Picture of Rebecca Viner

    I honestly think it's fantastic! I love the categories, and it's far better designed than Hootsuite.

    Rebecca Viner
    Blogging Coach
  • Picture of Diana von Rettig

    I absolutely love using SmarterQueue. I won't be renewing my Hootsuite Pro account.

    Diana von Rettig
    Social Media Photographer
  • Picture of Olivia Widdop

    SmarterQueue saves me hours every week! It's one of the easiest yet most rewarding scheduling systems I have ever worked with, much better than Hootsuite or Buffer.

    Olivia Widdop
    Social Media Manager, Glisser
  • Picture of Maren Malmo

    I had to stay on top of my 'automated' Hootsuite queue with a spreadsheet; it was very time consuming! I honestly had a ton of stress lifted off my shoulders when I found SmarterQueue. Now I want to grow my evergreen content as much as possible.

    Maren Malmo
  • Picture of Courtney Hunt

    I used to spend about 20-30 minutes every day crafting posts and struggling with the user-unfriendly Hootsuite interface. Now, I check the Queue about once a week but am posting numerous times a day. I'm seeing greater engagement with a lot less effort.

    Courtney Hunt
    Best-Selling Author
  • Picture of Kelly Diels

    My team and I have tried Hootsuite and 3 other leading tools, and we like SmarterQueue better than all of them.
    Every one of my clients who has tried SmarterQueue raves about it.
    Superb customer experience too!

    Kelly Diels

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