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Looking for the best social media management tool? Look no further! Discover why 1000s of customers love SmarterQueue.

  • Picture of Brian Jackson

    SmarterQueue saves me over 8 hours per week! I immediately cancelled my Buffer account and my Edgar account.

    Brian Jackson
    Inbound Marketer, KeyCDN
  • Picture of Diana von Rettig

    I absolutely love using SmarterQueue. I won't be renewing my Hootsuite Pro account.

    Diana von Rettig
    Social Media Photographer
  • Picture of Olivia Widdop

    SmarterQueue saves me hours every week! It's one of the easiest yet most rewarding scheduling systems I have ever worked with, much better than Buffer or Hootsuite.

    Olivia Widdop
    Social Media Manager, Glisser
  • Picture of Mark Hazeldine

    Full marks for making something better than Edgar, and less costly! I'm very happy about that!

    Mark Hazeldine
    Photographer & Instagram Influencer
  • Picture of Jeanette

    I am your biggest fan. You blow Edgar and Coschedule out of the water. So excited to have found you! You are making my social media life 1000% happier!

    Creative Blogger, ArtKidsBots
  • Picture of Maya Middlemiss

    SmarterQueue is intelligently built, responsively supported, and great for curating topical content - freeing up my time to focus on the work this engagement generates. That makes it a win-win for Saros.

    Maya Middlemiss
    Managing Director, Saros Research
  • Picture of Marisha

    I've used MeetEdgar and CoSchedule, but I'm sticking with SmarterQueue! I love that I can easily schedule one message for different social media platforms. The different options to add content are perfect. I am loving this app!

    Speech-Language Pathologist, SLP Now
  • Picture of Roben-Marie Smith

    I wish I had found SmarterQueue sooner! I was struggling with Edgar and after quickly setting up SmarterQueue I was sold. SmarterQueue is easy to use, features a visually appealing interface and support is quick and friendly. I was able to fill my Queue super fast and editing is a breeze.

    Roben-Marie Smith
  • Picture of Kelly Diels

    My team and I have tried Edgar, Buffer, Hootsuite, and Coschedule, and we like SmarterQueue better than all of them.
    Every one of my clients who has tried SmarterQueue raves about it.
    Superb customer experience too!

    Kelly Diels
  • Picture of Maren Malmo

    I'd tried MeetEdgar, Hootsuite, and Post Planner; all of them fall short. I honestly had a ton of stress lifted off my shoulders when I found SmarterQueue.

    Maren Malmo
  • Picture of Holly Meyer

    I used to be a die-hard Buffer fan, but SmarterQueue has saved me so much time!

    Holly Meyer
    Visual Brand Designer
  • Picture of Zach Hoag

    SmarterQueue is an INCREDIBLE tool for sharing your content. The best I've ever used. By comparison, Edgar (which does less) is much more expensive at $49/mo.

    Zach Hoag
  • Picture of Simon Lyons

    I've used several social media management tools before, but there are things SmarterQueue can do that others simply can't. It's a no brainer!

    Simon Lyons
    Product Inventor, Version 22
  • Picture of Rebecca Viner

    I honestly think it's fantastic, and this is coming from someone who never thought she'd leave Buffer! I love the categories, and it's far better designed than Hootsuite.

    Rebecca Viner
    Blogging Coach
  • Picture of Kristi Holz

    I haven't thought about our social media since I started using SmarterQueue, yet our Facebook engagement has never been better! I love that!

    Kristi Holz
    Real Estate Agent, RE/MAX Vancouver
  • Picture of Simon Rochfort

    SmarterQueue is the Social Media Management software that I have been waiting for! After using it for only a few hours I cancelled my SproutSocial subscription and have never looked back since!

    Simon Rochfort
    Managing Director, Makalu Creative
  • Picture of Richard Benson

    Logically dividing your content into categories, presented on a simple calendar, makes it so easy to use. SmarterQueue lets us concentrate on our business, and not social media management.

    Richard Benson
    Director, QS Insurance
  • Picture of Lauren Armes

    SmarterQueue brings to life so many of the features that we needed as a small business, before we even knew we needed them! With the time we're now saving, we could never go back to Buffer.

    Lauren Armes
    Founder, Welltodo
  • Picture of Michelle Winchell

    SmarterQueue is the ultimate in scheduling social media and is so organized and detail-focused, you can schedule out your whole month in no time and focus on the important stuff - like running your business and creating amazing content!

    Michelle Winchell
    Medical Practitioner
  • Picture of Courtney Hunt

    I used to spend about 20-30 minutes every day crafting posts and struggling with the user-unfriendly Hootsuite interface. Now, I check the Queue about once a week but am posting numerous times a day. I'm seeing greater engagement with a lot less effort.

    Courtney Hunt
    Best-Selling Author
  • Picture of Kate Anthony

    I love SmarterQueue, and refer all my clients to you as well as a ton of colleagues who are SO grateful you've created an affordable alternative to Edgar… You guys are AWESOME.

    Kate Anthony
    Business Strategist for Online Entrepreneurs

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