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SmarterQueue's AI Caption Writer has over 100 pre-written prompts

Say Goodbye to Writer's Block

And say hello to infinite content ideas. Let our AI Caption Writer create unlimited social media captions for you, putting an end to the stress of content creation.

SmarterQueue's AI Caption Writer generates different content based on your social platforms

Tailored Captions for Every Platform

Whether you need a professional LinkedIn article or a concise tweet, our AI Caption Writer adapts the content to perfectly fit the platform’s tone and length.

Choose from over 40 tones of voice when generating social media captions

Multiple Tones,
Infinite Possibilities

Pick the perfect tone for every post, ensuring brand consistency or enabling vibrant variety.

  • Get More Mileage Out of Your Content

    Repurpose your top-performing content by making it fresh and engaging for new audiences, and recreate the magic over and over again.

  • Instant Results with Live Caption Generation

    Don't wait around, start reading captions as they’re created. If it’s not quite right, you can stop mid-way and adjust.

  • Boost Your Reach with Variations and Evergreen Recycling

    By recycling the AI-generated caption variations, you can get over 3x more engagement, while keeping your social media feeling fresh.

  • Post Consistently with Ease

    Fill your queue with high-quality content to keep your social media active and vibrant.

Use powerful Artificial Intelligence to rewrite your social media posts

Enhance Your Content with AI-Driven Improvements

Whether you want to shorten a blog post into a simple social caption, expand on a Twitter post for LinkedIn, or rewrite your content in a new tone of voice, we've got you covered.

Add relevant emojis to make your social media posts stand out from the noise

Bring Your Captions to Life with Emojis

Create more eye-catching and engaging content, by letting the AI sprinkle relevant emojis into your captions.

Use AI to generate social media captions in any language, or translate your existing content

Speak the Language of Your Audience

Reach a global audience with ease. Our AI Caption Writer provides versatile language support, accommodating over 120 languages and varying spelling conventions.

AI can generate relevant hashtags for your social media posts

Maximize Visibility with Smart Hashtags

Benefit from a smart hashtag strategy without the research - our AI Caption Writer can seamlessly add relevant hashtags to help your brand get discovered.

SmarterQueue's AI Caption Writer lets you generate up to 20 captions at once

Find the Perfect Caption

Generate up to 20 variations of your caption in one go, enabling you to cherry-pick the one that fits your brand's voice perfectly. You can bulk-add multiple variations to an Evergreen-Recycling post, filling your Queue for weeks!

Save time and effort. Improve your reach and engagement.

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What can I do with it?

The AI Caption Writer can automatically generate new social media captions from scratch, or else it can rewrite your existing posts. Simply customise one of our many prompts to get started quickly, or else write your own instructions. Then choose how many captions to write, what tone of voice to use, and whether to include hashtags or emojis. You can then add the captions to your post, and make any adjustments required. If you add multiple captions, a different variation will be used each time the post gets recycled.

How does it work?

It uses a powerful Artificial Intelligence that has been trained on millions of pages of books, websites, and social media content. You simply give it instructions for what you want it to write, and it will generate a unique and human-quality piece of text. Our AI Caption Writer has been customised to focus on writing social media captions that are tailored for each platform.

Where is this available?

The AI Caption Writer is included in all of our plans, and can be accessed directly in our Post Editor. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for a free trial to try it out.

What kinds of posts can I create?

Absolutely anything, and for all platforms! From inspiration posts, quotes, listicles, self-promotion, and much more. We've even provided over 100 prompts to inspire you, including many popular copywriting formulas like AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), BAB (Before, After, Bridge), and PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solve). These proven marketing strategies help improve conversions and engagement.

What makes SmarterQueue's AI Caption Writer different from other AI writing tools?

Firstly, because it's integrated directly into our Social Media Post Editor, you don't need to do any repetitive copy/pasting between tools. Simply click on an existing post to rewrite it, or use our starter prompts to come up with unlimited ideas for your posts. You can then add multiple variations of the generated captions directly into your post, and with our Evergreen Recycling, this can fill your queue with weeks' worth of posts.
Secondly, we've spent ages customising the AI to write social media posts that are tailored to the tone and character limit of the platforms you've selected in the Post Editor. So if you're writing a LinkedIn post, it will automatically write something longer and more professional, and if you're writing a Twitter post, it will generate something shorter with a couple of hashtags.

Can I customize the results?

As the captions are typed out in real-time, you can always stop generating part-way, and edit your prompt. Otherwise, you can choose to rewrite a caption, or making it longer or shorter. Finally, you can make any edits to the text once the caption has been added to the Post Editor.

Can I generate images with AI too?

You can use our Canva integration in the Post Editor, which lets you generate images with AI, and add them to your post. We're also working on adding our own AI image generator.

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