Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about how SmarterQueue's feature-packed social media management platform works? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

What social networks can I post on with SmarterQueue?
At present, you can post to Facebook pages and groups you manage; LinkedIn profiles and pages; Twitter profiles, and Instagram profiles. Stay tuned - there's more coming!
When is the best time to schedule my posts?
It's a myth that there's an 'optimal time' to post. It depends so much on your content, as well as your audience, and many other random factors. When you sign up, we analyze your Facebook or Twitter history, and create a schedule for you, based on your past posts and engagement.
Where can I import content from?
SmarterQueue offers a whole host of ways for you to import content. You can post or queue content straight from the page you're reading with our Bookmarklet. You can bulk-import articles from the web via RSS, social media feeds, or from a CSV file. You can even import content from your own bookmarked Sources, your competitors' pages, or your own past posts.
Will people know I'm using SmarterQueue?
No, they won't. We don't add any branding to your posts. Admins of your Facebook page will see "SmarterQueue" (so you know how the post was published), but your fans won't see this.
Can I post photo updates?
Of course you can. We currently have a 1 photo per post limit for Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn doesn't let third-party apps attach photos, so we post a thumbnail which links to your photo.
How do I know what SmarterQueue is going to post and when?
Your Queue shows your upcoming posts: scheduled and Evergreen. As well as looking at your Queue chronologically, you can filter by social profile, Category and content type.
Can I try it out without actually posting anything?
Of course! We want you to really get a feel for SmarterQueue before purchasing. You can try out all of SmarterQueue's features and functionalities whilst your Queue is paused, so nothing gets posted. If you're not ready to put a post in the Queue, but you want to save it, you can store posts in the Drafts Queue. Should an emergency arise, you can also pause specific Categories.
Do I need to be a social media pro to use SmarterQueue?
Not in the slightest. We designed SmarterQueue to be easy for anyone to use; and our users agree. We've even put simple social media tips across the site, right where you need them most. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for regular social media tricks and shortcuts.
What kind of content can I post through SmarterQueue?
You can post photos, links, or just plain text through SmarterQueue. Although we can't upload videos natively yet, you are able to post links to videos, and customise the preview with our Post Editor.
Do all my posts have to be the same across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Will they all be limited to the length of a tweet?
Not at all! With our Post Editor, you can either type a uniform post or customise your message for each platform. You can post your @mentions and #hashtags to Twitter, but drop them for longer messages on Facebook and LinkedIn.
What is Evergreen? How does it work?
Evergreen content is anything which isn't time-specific, meaning you can post it again days or weeks later and still reap the benefits. Simple and mighty, SmarterQueue's Evergreen recycling lets you share, re-share and share again. As only 4% of your followers ever see your posts within the first 30 minutes, Evergreen gets more mileage out of each update. After your post is published, it then goes to the bottom of the Queue. Once all your new or one-time scheduled posts have been published, your Evergreen posts are then posted again, and again, and again. This can continue forever, so your Queue never runs out.
Will my posts go out forever?
Yes, your Evergreen posts will keep being shared until you delete them, or remove them from the Queue. You can keep great posts for the future by saving them to drafts. Need to stop all posts? Just pause your Queue and SmarterQueue will stop posting until you tell it to start again.
Why should I categorise my posts?
By categorising your content, you can set the ratio of different content types you publish. This ensures you have a good variety of content. No one wants to follow an social profile that only promotes itself - but you need to make sure your followers (or potential customers) know a bit about what you're doing. Using the Visual Posting Plan, you can visualise your balanced calendar. All that's left is to fill up your category queues!
Can I schedule posts for specific times or dates?
We aren't called a social media scheduler for nothing! As well as queueing up curated and Evergreen content, you can manually set times and dates for your posts, allowing you to plan campaigns, celebrate holidays and post time-sensitive content at the time and date of your choosing.
Do I need to download any software?
SmarterQueue works in any modern web browser, so anyone can use it, anywhere. If you want to schedule posts to Instagram, you'll need to download our free mobile app.

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